Coffin Makers in Maine


The Funeral Rule requires funeral homes to agree to use a casket you bought elsewhere, and doesn’t allow them to charge you a fee for using it.

DIY Coffins This site offers a plan for a coffin and a pretty comprehensive list of links to coffin/casket kits and plans.

For more information about the coffins presented in the other sub-pages of this section of this website, contact Chuck Lakin (873-7854,

Kenneth Copp (948-9663) makes traditional Amish coffins.

Lew McGregor makes ”Down to Earth” Classic wooden coffins ($200-$1000)
P.O. Box 2006, Hope, Maine 04847,  207 763-3129, 207 542-8668,

Plain Maine Pine Box

Trundy Urns A Maine company that will use your wood to make an urn.

Dragonfly Hollow Cabinetry

. . . and some places outside Maine that offer products you might like to know about:

Natural Burial Company

Shine on Brightly - Cremation urns and memorial objects that are works of art.

Any funeral home should be able to sell you what they call something like “a composition material alternative container,” basically a stiffened cardboard box, used primarily for cremations.  Expect to pay about $100.  Crematories sell them, too;  see the list below.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance website has a list of online casket sales companies HERE.



Crematoria in Maine that Serve Individuals:
(Auburn)  Gracelawn Memorial Park and Crematory  -  782-3741     $300/$100
(Bangor)   Mount Hope Cemetery and Crematory  -  945-6589            $300/$30
(Bangor)  Pine Grove Crematory  -  942-3822                                           $325/$90
(Belfast)  Maine Coast Crematory  -  866-338-9199                                $675/$35
(N. Berwick)  Great Works Crematory  -  651-5686                                 $325/$25
(Portland)  Brooklawn Memorial Park and Crematory  -  773-7679   $375/Do not sell boxes
(Saco)  Laurel Hill Cemetery Associates  -  282-9351                              $355, box included

The first dollar figure is the cost of a cremation at that facility, the second is the cost of an alternative cremation container at that crematory.