Make-Your-Own-Coffin Workshop

Make-Your-Own-Coffin Workshop

Contact Chuck at 873-7854 for info


Ever thought about building your own coffin?


If so, here’s your chance to do your heirs a favor. After all, there’s only one other thing besides taxes that you can count on. During this workshop we will help you build a coffin. We’ll provide the material, the tools, a place to work, and the guidance you’ll need. The basic design will be pretty much a plain pine box, but you’ll have a number of choices within that basic design: Straight or flared sides? Rough-cut or finished wood? Assembled with or without any metal fasteners?  Imagine the fun you’ll have going to work on Monday, just waiting for the first person to ask how you spent your weekend. Some experience with hand-held power tools will be helpful but not required.

$100 from the cost of each coffin will go toward bringing Cynthia Beal of the Natural Burial Company to speak at the Common Ground Country Fair in 2014.




This coffin has straight sides and rope handles.  Building this coffin during the workshop costs $400.





This one has flared sides (a five degree angle: the ends and sides are two inches longer at the top than at the bottom) and rope handles.  This picture is one made with rough-cut wood.  This coffin also costs $400.



The deluxe model, with flared sides, wood handles and curved bottom edges.  Cost:  $500







The cost of the workshop  includes all coffin materials and expert guidance in the assembly process. Be sure to bring a roof rack or a truck to transport your coffin home. We’ll provide everything else. Expect to spend 5 or 6 hours on this project.


If you have questions or want to sign up for the workshop, please call  Chuck at 873-7854.