Here’s a few pictures of a coffin that can be stored (preferably in a cool, dry place with room for air circulation around the pieces) until it’s needed. It can also be assembled and stood on end and used as a bookcase, display shelf, or a wine rack. On its back it can be a storage chest and/or coffee table. There is no metal in this coffin, and it assembles in less than five minutes using just twelve wedges. The major difference between this coffin and other easy-to-assemble coffins (see this link) is that the handles are part of the construction, not rope added after. These pictures are of a pine coffin, but it may be made of almost any wood and can be finished in almost any way. The plain pine invites your decoration of the coffin as “a healing act of art therapy.” ¬†For more information, contact Chuck Lakin (207-873-7854,













The pieces, eight of ‘em.





















Inserting a wedge